So here's our new car, the Audi Q7--ours is in, as I like to say, Soccer Mom Silver.

It's certainly bigger than what I had imagined, but now that this kid has got me thinking about crash ratings and 3 rows of seats and having room for more than one kid and a ton of stuff, this car did make sense. However, if this were not a company car, it would NOT make sense. :)

I love how it drives, the vision out of it is outstanding, and it has plenty of nice little bells and whistles to make life comfortable. I particularly like the memory seat adjustment, so that if I've been driving and Mark takes over, we can just push a button and the seat will automatically switch to his set specifications. The heated seats will be great in the winter, and I never realized just how cool Sirius radio can be. I'm excited. It's a 3 year lease, so if it's just not working out for us, we can always switch it out before baby number 3 (hopefully) comes along.

We also decided to cut out the hassle of selling our old CRV ourselves and just sold it to the dealer. Certainly didn't get as much as we had hoped, but I'm happy that all of this is just done. I'm starting to get to the point where I'm big enough that I just want to make my life as easy as possible, so finishing out all the car stuff is nice. I'm about a week shy of being 6 months along, and I feel huge.

Which is funny, since Mark and I were at a party last night and more than one friend/mom came up to me and couldn't believe how small I was for being so far along. Just reminds me that the next three months are going to be fairly uncomfortable.

Since there isn't an Audi dealership in Steamboat, we drove to Fort Collins, a town of about 120,000 or so an hour north of Denver. We had a much better experience at this place than at the Audi dealer in Denver, and Fort Collins is a really fun college town (Colorado State is there). On the recommendation of a friend, we stayed at this great B&B called the Edwards House, and much to our pleasure, found out that we were in walking distance of a ton of fun restaurants. Great experience all around. And the last half of the drive from Steamboat to Fort Collins took us through Rocky Mountain National Park, which was just beautiful.

I'll let Mark do the updating on the house. To sum up, it's still a mess and we're still sleeping on the full bed in the guest room. It sucks. We were hoping to do a housewarming party mid-August. It's going to be at least another month.

But all in all, things are well and we've been super busy as always. And I'm getting HUGE!


Anonymous Pablo said...

nice garage addition! :)

Where are the baby bump pictures! I would love to see one!

posted at 12:57 PM

Blogger Jessica said...

We just saw one of these cars on the street the other day, and they are really nice!

I would love to see a baby bump photo, too!!

posted at 1:16 PM

Blogger mark said...

Dana *hates* belly bump pictures, but I was able to sneak this one. She's going to be pissed that I posted it, but here goes.

posted at 4:25 PM

Anonymous erik said...

Nice car! If you're gonna get a Family Truckster, might as well make it an Audi. If you think you hate it now, wait till you drive it.

Wow, I lost Total Recall of what a hairy chest Dana had.

By the way, the word verification for this post is "kiidf", or Fitz's Norwegian rapper name.

posted at 7:41 PM

Anonymous Pablo said...

Pre P-Chop

Never leave any evidence! ;)

posted at 12:33 PM


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